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Quotation1.png Please do not bother me in my time of solitude! Quotation2.png
Kaminari told Zephyr to stay away from her in a most "mature" way

Kaminari is the child of Beelzebul or Raiden Shogun, the current Electro Archon from the well known RPG game called Genshin Impact.



Kaminari was the most haughty and selfish offspring of the Seven archons which came from their "mother" apparently, she see herself as more superior child of Beezebul/Raiden Shogun she is not fond of people disagreeing with her believes and action that's why she is not fond of Kazuha.

She is extremely a lone wolf due to her sadness on losing her friends each and this is why she decline Zephyr's offer of friendship.


Kaminari has an appearance of a young slim woman, she had a dark purple hair that is tied into a low ponytail, a pale skin and a amethyst eyes which matches her hair.



It is unknown how she was born. She is overly preachy to her mother's belief and thought.


She likes being alone and rather be by herself since she saw people as a lower beings for her; that thought make her a superior being..She can't socialize with her fellow archons because she knew that they are not "very worthy" for her company.

Kaminari used to have friends which is the children or blood related to Raiden's friend but they just disappeared when the time passes due to an unknown circumstances and until to this day she is still grieving to their disappearance.


Because of her love with Shiba influenced by her "mother". She owned Shiba named Tento.


Due to how selfish she is, she is not fond of lower subjects.


Like how she treated anyone, it is impossible to her that she will end up with someone due to her superiority.


  • Kaminari's name means "thunder" in Japanese
    • She rather being called as "Nari"
  • Like the other offsprings of the archons, she had an appearance of a girl but she is an unknown being.
    • she uses she/her pronouns just like her fellows.
  • Despite of her selfish acts, she is fond of Shibas and would literally won't resist to hold them.
  • She was tagged as the tyrant's child.
  • Like her mother, she is very bad at cooking.,
  • With all the offspring of the Archons, she is the only one who had a pet.