Quotation1 For a part time Bartender you don't get many customers Quotation2
Kane to Marcus Witt

Kane is the son of Kano from the Mortal Kombat Series he's a mercenary for hire and Game High's local Bounty Hunter, bouncer, bodyguard, snorkeler, Scuba Diver, and Gator wrestler, he's also the 20th Mortal Kombat student to attend Game High.


Kane has the typical personality of your average Aussie where he's laid-back, very friendly, easygoing, sports loving, having a good sense of humor, and being outdoors but aside from that. He's also shown to be caring, skilled, athletic, knowledgeable, sly, brave, kindhearted, a animal lover, and calm.

Physical Appearance

Kane sports black hair with sideburns and beard Australian tanned skin a bodybuilder's build black eyes and is dressed in either his Wildlife preserve attire, traditional aussie clothes, or casual clothes with a camouflage pattern and trainers.



Born and raised in Australia, Kane grew up being the only son of Kano his mother is unknown but it's been confirmed that she was a barmaid that he immediately fell for her even went as far as putting his criminal past behind him to start a new land quiet life with her.


As far as friends go, Kane only has one in the form of fellow aussie and mercenary Alex Fawkes despite his insanity and obsession with blowing stuff up.




Kane is single.


Kane has an Australian accent.

Kane is slightly inspired by Mick Dundee from the Crocodile Dundee films.

Kane works at a Australian Wildlife Preserve which shows that he has a soft spot for critters and animals including the Australian Wildlife.


Quotation1 I'm not interested sheila go bug someone else Quotation2
Kane when Gabriela tries to recruit him into her gang
Quotation1 I work for a Australian Wildlife Preserve mate, the other jobs I do are part time ones Quotation2
Kane when questioned about his career
Quotation1 Well on the bright side at least we don't have to deal with a tornado filled with sharks Quotation2
Kane making a Sharknado reference
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