Kanna-Chi is the daughter of Quan-Chi from the Mortal Kombat series. She's considered the owner of Katon Scorpio and the most powerful witch in the netherrealm.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

People will describe her as a quiet and lonely person that only "hangs" with Katon, but she is not only that. She's a blackmailer that loves making people suffer, she tends to do favors to people only to get something as a reward. Even with all of that she can't defend herself and for that she uses Katon, her "bodyguard". Since Katon is a really scary person if you don't know her, Kanna uses her for defense even if Katon doesn't want to. Either way she considers that everyone in the school should kneel when they see her, or that would be her thought if she weren't also part of the commoners.


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