Kasandra Renoir of the Canopy Kingdom,and daughter of the Skullgirl
Character Profile
Game Skullgirls
Age Sixteen
Alignment Protagonist,but,there's a small chance of becoming an antagonist in the future.
Roommate ((Open))
Character Parent Parasoul Renoir,she's not here anymore,so I guess Aunt Umbrella...
Victory Moments Winning will my living weapon Seuche.You could say she's my number one soldier.
K.O Moments Losing to Calico.She needs to understand that I'm only doing what I can so she doesn't go after the Skull Heart.
Favourite Subject Combat,the only time when Seuche and I can show the school what the Renoirs are made of.Well,debate works too.
Least Favourite Subject I refused to say the name!That subject is like it was created by the Skullgirl!And unfortunately for me there's a Skullgirl at the school...
Quote "For my aunt's kingdom..."
Victory Friends ((Open))


  • Kasa, when translated from Japanese, means umbrella or parasol.
  • Seuche, however, is German for pestilence, keeping in theme with the Renoir family having their weapons named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Parasoul's Krieg being war, Umbrella's Hungern being famine, and King Franz's Todd being death. Logically, the fourth umbrella (if there were to be one), would be Seuche.
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