She is very kind and Friendly she always help people who need help, she also have nightmares like her father and she really want to be able to fight it, she always fun and smart she really want people to know that, she doesn't want anyone to hurt her or someone she love and want to protect them when they need help from her.

Just like her father she want answer to know where to know where all of her nightmare came from, she will stop nothing to find out who is responsable for all the nightmares she has during the nights, she might also want the help of people who are her friends to help her conquer her fears and finally put her nightmares away just like her father did.

She really want to have fun sometime like dancing and going shopping she always goes out, she also very respectful of others she want to respect but if people are mean to others she will defend them, she really want to be just like her dad someday and want to win the game she is from so she can be with the person she really love no matter who it is.


She wear a brown coat with white t-shirt under it and black pants, she also have hanzel brown eyes and wear glasses and have pale skin and pink lips with long dark hairs, and black and white shoes on her feet.



She's the daughter of Vincent Brooks and Katherine Mcbride as they both got married at the end of their game, like her father she does have nightmares that she want to be get out of her head, but her family will also be there to help her when she need help wich that she know she will able to be just like her father and get the nightmares away one day.

She also have some halfs- siblings wich one of them is Vince Brooks, same if she know who he is she is always a bit distant with him has she doesn't really trust him at all, but she know that he want to be part of the family has he want to still hang out with the family.


Open to anyone


Open to anyone


She doesn't have anyone in mind since she did not find the right person no matter who it is, she still waiting for the person that she is welling to love and be with same if it will take time, she only hope that one day he or she will come as she wait during the day. Despite all the boys and girls in the school that might be cute, she prefer to wait until someone special will caught her eyes and will ve there for her when she is trouble, same if she know it will be long before someone confess to her she will be waqting as the right person might find her and finally have her romantic moment.

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