Katie Bellic
Katie Bellic
Gaming Series of Origins Grand Theft Auto
Gaming Parentage Kate and NIko Bellic
Age 15 year old
Alignment Half Protagonist and Antagonist
Roommate Frankie Clinton
Victorious Moments Be the next love interest of the gta hero.
Knock Out! Moments Bekilled by an antagonist of the game will be my worse day.
Favored School Subject Herology
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Allies All of the offspring of the next gta game
Nemeses Anyone who is antagonist of the game
Favorite Food Fruits and steak

Katie is the daughter of Niko et Kate Bellic.


She's nice and friendly, she love shopping with her friends and all other girls at the school.



She's the daughter of Niko and Kate Bellic, she also have a brother named Nick.


She is friends with the people of her game, but she is friend with everyone else.


She had a little crush on Frankie Clinton, but she doesn't know if he feel the same way for her.

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