Quotation1 You want my punch?! It's free! Quotation2
Ken before punching Simon's face
Kenneth aka Mr Speedster
Teenage douchebad
Gaming Series of Origins Mortal Kombat
Gaming Parentage Kabal
Age 18
Pet(s) I am not a pet fanatic.
Alignment My Allignment was confusing Villian or a Hero?!
Roommate Claudem Oda..Hmmm..I like him especially his attitude.
Victorious Moments Well! Depends on me..I have many Victorious times!Ok..I tell one of this victorious times is, getting the Book I want!
Knock Out! Moments Being called as 4 eyed hottie.Annoying it's not a compliment or mentioning Kintaro,that 4-armed tiger kills me!He even burns my dad alive...If I see him I'll kill him slowly..
Favored School Subject Hmph! It's History I guess..
Least Favored School Subject Maybe Mathematics..
Allies Claude Oda and Finn Stryker is the only friend I know so far..
Nemeses Ahem..S-Simon..That Fraud..I know his background..He is the son of a man with criminal records and a gambler and his mother was an infected...He is also a bully like Freddy..
Favorite Food Maybe Beacon and Cheese flavoured stuffs..
Favorite Beverage I love McFlurry especially Oreos
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