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Kinich is the son of Outworld's former emperor and leader of the Osh-Tekk's, Kotal Kahn, and the Edenian assassin Jade. Both from the fighting game, Mortal Kombat. He's Najma's older brother.



Kin is a really tall boy with tough features. He has raven black long straight hair, blue painted skin (originally brown skin) and white eyes making him resemble more his father than his mother due to the strong Osh-tekk heritage. He also has a slight muscular build for his age, although nothing too impressive. His outfit consists in an Aztec type of war outfit, only without the helmet, with several feathers decorating it. He keeps his chest out which shows some traditional tattoos on it, as well as on his arms and face. His hair is tied up in a ponytail and he wears a couple of jade earrings. This outfit is mostly his fighting outfit since he knows that peace is not something that will prevail.


His peronality is really influenced by his culture, making him a tough person with a strong belief in justice and a strong connection to his people. He can be described as someone with a fighter spirit that will not hesistate to protect the people who need it the most. Unlike his father, who had a cold heart for most of the tribes, he does not care about your race or heritage as long as you are a person of honor.

He also has a very brother-like side with the people he cherishes the most, these people being both Kuan-Yin and Lixue. So even though you might see a cold and tough person, he's actually a sweetie inside.


In Game




His bond with his family is strong as Kung Lao's ego, he loves his mother deeply and respects his father a lot. Kin cherishes both, since it's because of them he has been brought into exitance and has accomplisehd everything he desires. His little sister is also one of his most important family members, after all, they're siblings. Najma and him don't normally fight and actually protect each other which makes their bond even bigger.

Since he also considers Kitana, Liu Kang and their offspring as his family members he does have a strong bond with the four of them. He does have a strong relationship with Kuan-Yin, but he sees Lixue as his little sister and will protect both of them with his life. We could say his family is one of the most important things to him, as well as his people who he considers his family as well.


Whoever has values as strong as his can be able to become his friend, but if you are someone who either desires power or has selfish beliefs then you can easily go away from his sight. Lixue and Kuan apart from being family are his closest friends. He also gets along pretty well with Huan, calling him "little man" only to bother him. Another person that has his respect is Ashuka, being both the succesors of the leadership of their respective clans, they have an alliance. Also, they are the ones who protect Lixue from harm.


Augustus and Peter are his greatest enemies, not because they had done something to him, but due to the fact they are a threat to Pythia. He will nos hesitate on protecting his girlfriend from those two weirdos. He also hates the tarkatan Maika, even if he has been taught to be equal with all species, he hates her.


For an Osh-tekk warrior like him, comitment and love is something really important. He found this in Pythia Gilman, since they started their relationship he swore to protect her from anything and anyone.


  • His name pays tribute to the mayan god of the sun Kinich Ahau, also known as Kinich Kakmó. 
  • The date of his birth is one of the many days the festivity of Día de Muertos is celebrated (it is celebrated a whole week from October de 28th to November 2nd).
  • His helmet for his combat outfit, and while in Osh-Tekk, is the head of an eagle with many quetzal feathers.
  • Like any other Osh-tekk, he gains power from the sun.
  • Both the names of his pets (Ixchel and Kukulkan) pay homage to two mayan gods (Ixchel, goddess of the moon and Kukulkan, god of the sky).
  • His weapon of choice is an obsidian macahuitl.
  • He's one of his creators characters that were rebooted.
  • People call him Kin since saying his complete name can be a little bit bothersome.
  • He doesn't think he's handsome in any way, but believes the right person will see him as such.
  • Kin is a big softie with animals, but he will never act that way in public.
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