-"I don't have English name. It's japanese name." - Kinoko's Interview

Kinoko Toad
Kinoko Toad
Gaming Series of Origins Mario series
Gaming Parentage Toadette
Age 15
Pet(s) I have green frog named Flora.
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Rosalyn Galaxy
Victorious Moments Shopping! Buying bright clothes and new games from Mario series.
Knock Out! Moments I want car but mother say: "You can get car until you are 18 years."
Favored School Subject Quotelogy. So I can say anything from Quotes.
Least Favored School Subject Karate Class. I not good this.
Allies [OPEN]
Nemeses [OPEN]
Favorite Food Strawberry and Raspberry Ice cream!
Favorite Beverage Berry mixed drinks

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Kinoko have Childlish personality. Because her mood is playful and happy.

Appearance Edit

Kinoko have human regular skin,blue eyes and magenta hair. She wears mostly white beanie with big Fuchsia dot. Because she wearing bright colors.

Relationship Edit

Family Edit

Kinoko's mother is Toadette.

Friends Edit


Pet Edit

She has also pet frog named Flora.

Romance Edit

I making another character soon he is Toad.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Birthday is August 21
  • Her Blood type is B
  • "Kinoko" means "mushroom" in Japanese
  • Kinoko is the only girl who doesn't have English name
  • Her theme song is Neon Lights by Demi Lovato.

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