Quotation1 I will never be like my dad..I mean I am not as confident as him! It looks like I am not pleasing to the bloodline. Quotation2
Kung Huan proving his ego

Kung Huan (空欢) is the son of Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat Franchise.



Kung Huan was a discplined and hardworking shaolin who is willing to follow his father's footsteps just to maintain the family legacy. However he is still insecure about his skills whenever he saw Kuan-Yin's skills and he doesn't want to admit it except Tilly who cares so dearly about him.

Kung Huan is also caring to his close ones and willing to cherish them with his heart, he sworn to protect them no matter what danger he dealt with.


Kung Huan's appearance has a slight similarity to Kung Lao's MK9 appearance, he had a raven black hair, a fair skin with few bruises and scars because of his daily training and wood brown eyes.

He wore a black traditional Chinese top with folded sleeves and it was un buttoned to reveal a white tank top underneath, he wore a cool grey pants and then a black slip on shows with white soles.

As for his accessory, he wore his razor hat with a red ribbon around the middle, a few bandages on both of his shin and arm & a jade necklace.



After the events of MK11, Kung Lao and his lover got married and then after she gave birth to Kung Huan who they both cherished their moments with him and few years later his mother was pregnant with another child which Kung Huan was excited about but Happiness didn't last long as once she gave birth to her second son both of his mother and brother died making both Kung Lao and Kung Huan both devastated after that. After the loss of both mother and brother they maintain their bond as father and son to cope the loss.


He is somewhat friends with Lixue which he treats her like his sibling just to experience on what it's like to have a sibling since he lost one.


Kung Huan's excessive training as well as focusing his studies making the young monk unable to get a pet of his own.


It depends on how person he is facing.


Kung Huan developed romantic feelings to Tilly because of how caring she is on him and he is currently planning to confess his love to her.


  • Kung Huan apparently away in every school events because of him not being a fan of every events except if Tilly is joining them,
  • He also have slight knowledge on machines thanks to Tilly's knowledge.
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