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Quotation1.png My father maybe egoistic schmuck...But I am not like him! Quotation2.png
Kung Huan before using his final blow to Krimson

Kung Huan (空欢) is the son of Kung Lao from the famous fighting game who is popular on it's gory themes called, Mortal Kombat Franchise. He is a former Shaolin and now a member of the White Lotus Society who struggles the pain of his past.



Kung Huan described as the more chaotic and foolish version of Kung Lao being influenced by Kung Jin according to Lixue. But before being involved in Mortal Kombat, he was once a socially awkward young boy who had no dreams and enjoying he life of solitude when Kung Jin is not around




After the events of MK11, Kung Lao and his lover got married and then after she gave birth to Kung Huan who they both cherished their moments with him and few years later his mother was pregnant with another child which Kung Huan was excited about but Happiness didn't last long as once she gave birth to her second son both of his mother and brother died making both Kung Lao and Kung Huan both devastated after that. After the loss of both mother and brother they began to be distance for unexplained reason.



He had complicated relationship with Kung Lao after his mother's death and his ego make him despise him even more. To cope his loneliness, he spent a lot of time with his only cousin, Kung Jin. He is also related to Lixue and Kuan Yin


He is somewhat friends with Lixue which he treats her like his sibling just to experience on what it's like to have a sibling since he lost one.


Kung Huan's excessive training as well as focusing his studies making the young monk unable to get a pet of his own.


He despise his girlfriend's brother a bit due to his name calling.


Kung Huan was a fool when it comes to romance due to his desperation of having a lover because Kin and Lixue already has one. However Najma began to show interest with him however he is clueless about it. Today, he is dating however he has an anxiety with his brother and her parent.


  • Huan was used to be a crybaby as a child which his neighborhood mock him.
  • He is also great at disguising, he often use himself as Lixue's decoy to avoid Raijin's constant flirting
  • Huan has arachnophobia but he did not reveal it to anyone even his cousins due to fear of being marked as a coward