Quotation1 Among my Chemicals in my Science Lab, My chemical of our love is sucessfully work! Quotation2
His Valentine Qoute

 Lance Mercer is the son of Alex Mercer .He is born infected with the Blacklight Virus which gives him abilities  like his father had but rarely use it..He is the president of the Science Club..



Lance was known to his knowledgable and honest person, he gave people challenge by question when joining to club or trying to lie to him, so he can sense that they are honest to him..Lance is kind to his friends especially to his club mate Vicki.

Appearance Edit

He had most Alex's genetics, he had a Brunette curly hair, blue eyes and pale skin, he has a toned and define body..

Interests Edit

Science- Lance was very passionate to Science ever since childhood days.He always study even in his weekends, He consider science as his great obession

Books- In his free time, he always read some Sci-fi and Dystopian novels..

Tennis- Lance loves playing tennis especially with his Auntie Dana at weekends if he had no time..

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Before Karen's death, she is pregnant with Alex's child which Lance, at the Christmas Eve, he left him on Dana's doorway at the day of his birth.

Friends Edit

Lance has 2 known close friend which is Claude Oda and Tyler Nivans .

Pets Edit

He had no pets ..

Enemies Edit

It depends on a person he encounter..

Romance Edit

He confessed with his member in Science Club, Victoria Johnson ..Lance hoped he'll be sincere and caring to her at the future..

Trivia Edit

  • Lance was a near-sighted, the reason he wear his glasses..
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