Quotation1 You need some serious therapy pal sooner or later before one those personalities of yours get yourself or someone else killed! Quotation2
Lawrence to Richard Greene

Lawrence Gumshoe is the son of Dick Gumshoe and Maggey Byrde from the Ace Attorney Series he's the third Ace Attorney character to attend Game High he's also the fifth detective character to attend the school.

Physical Appearance

Lawrence stands at 6ft 11 inches tall while sporting brown eyes and black hair with a slight stubble caucasian skin and is seen wearing a light brown trench coat with a suit underneath plus a red tie, he also wears slacks loafers and sometimes a fedora and a red pencil behind his ear. Lawrence is also said to be physically fit.


Lawrence is seen as a loyal childlike courageous dependable clever knowledgeable plus very sensitive young man. He's also very optimistic and hard-working who tends to befriend children and others quite easily, Lawrence is even caring kind athletic determined persuasive perceptive skilled competitive and bumbling plus incompetent on some occasions but despite that he has above average intelligence and competence he even had a tendency to jump to conclusions plus penchant to get involved in complicated cases.



Lawrence is the son of Dick Gumshoe and Maggey Byrde from the Ace Attorney series and the relationship between them is great.


Lawrence seem to have made quite a lot of friends during his time at Game High but he's actually friends with Finn Stryker, Samuel Castellanos, Roland O' Connor, Tyler Park, Jason Joyce, William Anderson, Dylan West and sometimes Richard Greene.




Lawrence is single.


Lawrence is a fan of the Sherlock Holmes books.

Lawrence is good at Checkers and Chess.

Lawrence has his own bug detector which he made in Science and Technology after class.

Lawrence has a vast collection of Mystery/Crime novels at home and in his dorm.

Lawrence is the first Ace Attorney kid made by the creator.

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