Physical Appearance Edit

Leon has red hair orange eyes fair skin and unlike his sister he's 6ft10inches tall extremely muscular he's also handsome and wears a Air Force uniform with green military boots and chronal accelerator of his own.

Personality Edit

Leon is what you would call a young soldier for he's loyal, commanding, strict, honorable, responsible, patriotic, brave, militaristic, respectful, but aside from all that he's playful, brotherly, selfless, kind, friendly, caring, supportive, affectionate, he could be protective of his sister though.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Leon is the son of Emily and Lena Oxton AKA Tracer and the older brother of Jena Oxton and he loves them all.

Friends Edit

Leon is friends with his roomate Jack Shepard, his sis Jena Oxton, and Mark Mcloud who just happens to be an old friend of his.

Romance Edit

Leon is single.

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Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Come on little sis you know I'm just messing with you Quotation2
Leon playfully teasing his sis
Quotation1 So just because I dress and act like a soldier Shep you immediately assume that I am one? That's understandable Quotation2
Leon to Jack
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