Quotation1 Peter is a sinner who masked himself as a living saint. Quotation2
Levi describing Peter to Apollo

Levi is the "child" of Ann better known as the "Disciple", a hunter from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.



Levi was a very reserved and serious young man with a devoted heart like his guardian, which is why he always praying in every day in a shrine that is located in the graveyards near the forest where Jayden and Esther spent their free time with. He is also caring and loyal to his close ones like how he worries to Jake.

As a hunter, he is really a cold and ruthless hunter who doesn't care of what survivor he pursue.


Levi is a tall, scrawny young man with golden blonde hair that is neatly done, a light grey skin with several rotten skin and a yellow eyes that has black sclera and some black tears dripping on his face

Levi wore a black button up shirt that is resemble to a priest, a black slacks with brown leather belt and brown leather shoes.

Levi has some bandages on both arms to conceal his rotten skin and he wore a cross necklace.


Levi's father died after their home was invaded by bandits and once his mother ran away from them, he left him in their nearby orphanage and once she left, a gun shot heard far away which makes it confirm that his mother died after she left him behind. He doesn't like his life in an orphanage because of the children hurting him. After his demise, Ann took care off him and later she become his guardian who loved him so dearly.



His parents died when he was an infant and he only spend his youth in an orphanage. Currently he is under the care of Ann.


Despite of him being a loner, he befriended Joseph's descendant,Arthur who he always love to accompany with whenever they left in game, he also love to partner up with Florencio because of how artsy he is.


He had a black cat named Mara, which he always accompany with and also helped him to stun survivors in game.


Levi knew Peter's dirty secret and he doesn't like it at all because of how snake he is of a person.


Levi developed a romantic feelings over Jake and he doesn't like this new form of sensation he felt for him because of how obsessive he is too Tsubasa.After months of waiting, he and Jake became an official couple.


  • Levi is a name with a Hebrew origin that means " joined or attached"
  • Levi was killed by his jealous choir mate by pushing him over the window and then landed on the sharp fences that straight up stabbed him.
  • He lived in an abandoned church where Ann used to work there.
  • His weapon was a sharp fence which is also one that stabbed him.
  • Whenever he eliminated Pythia, he would apologize to her in person to avoid the consequences from her lover.
  • Levi loved to partner up with Antoinette during Pack Hunter.
  • He frequently send anonymous message and gift to Jake.
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