Personality Edit

Liam is calm, kind, friendly, pessimistic, cautious, perspective, daring, brave, athletic, selfless, respectful, responsible, assertive, and smart.

Appearance Edit

Liam is 6ft 1inch with grey eyes caucasian skin light brown hair with a muscular build and wears causal clothes along with a jacket similar to his father's.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Liam is the son of Luke Custer the main protagonist of Project Altered Beast his mother is unknown but he's close with his father and their relationship is pratically perfect.

Friends Edit

Liam is only friends with his roomate Winsor and Jim Talbain

Romance Edit

Liam is straight and single.

Trivia Edit

Liam has genome chips in him as well.

Liam hates it when people uses him as their personal lab rat.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 I got to control these transformations of mine before I hurt someone Quotation2
Liam on his transformations
Quotation1 I'm not your personal guinea pig! So stop asking Quotation2
Liam during science
Quotation1 Winsor I need you're advice Quotation2
Liam to Winsor
Quotation1 If there's a school for a beast like me then I might consider transferring Quotation2
Liam thinking about transferring schools
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