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Lixue Kang

Lixue Kang is the second daughter of Fire/Thunder God Liu Kang from Earthrealm and Princess Kitana, now Kahn from Edenia/Outworld. Both from the game franchise Mortal Kombat.



Lixue has chinese features, deep black straight hair, deep brown eyes and olive skin. Since she doesn't like to fight, she wears a chinese inspired blue dress with flower print as well as blue shoes. She wears her hair tied up in two buns. This outfit includes two ruby earrings that were given to her by her father and blue wristbands. She also carries her fans but theyre hidden below the skirt of her dress.


She is most of the times a happy and cheerful girl, being born as the daughter of both Liu Kang and Kitana they tried to make her childhood as calm as possible. She didn't face the same things her parents had faced, so she grew up without the need of making a cold or tough facade. She's normally described as a girl that will always try to make you smile even on your darkest days.

Even with this at hand, she sometimes feel unpleased with herself since she's not a fighter like her older brother, plus he is way more recognized for being the first born. 


In Game

After the time-line was finally restored and Liu Kang basically became a god, he decided to have Kitana and his other friends by his side while he perfomed his duties. Of course they could not be together all the time for both of the had duties (one as a god and the other as Kahn of outworld). Outworld was not accepting their relationship, it was outrageous, they managed to convince the population of Outworld with the help of others and were finally left alone. Time after this their first born, prince of Outworld, was presented to the kingdom Kitana realized they were both expecting a second child and thus Lixue was born. Raised as the princess of Outworld and the second daughter of Earthrealm's protector, she was expected to greatness and she did not let anyone down. 



Lixue's relationship with her parents and brother is really nice, they love eachother a lot but it is a little distant. Liu Kang had to take care of the realms, specially earthrealm, and Kitana had to take care of her duties as Kahn of Outworld (plus performing some Elder Goddess duties too). Kuan-Yin was the one who basically took care of Lixue when their parents could not, and even with that care she still felt a little bit distant with her brother. Anyway, when the family managed to be all together they were all loving and caring for one another. She also considers Jade and Kotal to be her family, since Jade was her mother's best friend and Kotal is Jade's husband. Jade and Kotal along with Kung Lao are considered, by both Lixue and Kuan-Yin, as their aunt and uncles.


Lixue is friends with most of the MK offspring that is aligned to the good side, although she can get along with anyone that is nice to her. Huan and Mik are two of her closest friends since they are more like family (due to Jade being seen as Kitana's sister and Kung Lao having the same ancestor as Liu Kang). Huan and Lixue are like really close brothers, they protect eachother and love eachother a lot. Mik is more like her bodyguard sometimes, but they treat eachother as cousins. Another one of her most precious friends is Ashuka, who is her bodyguard. Lixue is really grateful to Ashuka due to her always taking care of her safety.


Even if she tries to have the less enemies as possible, sometimes you can't avoid having them. One of the most prominent is Kanna-Chi, as the daughter of the necromancer Quan-Chi, she carries his legacy. Lixue knows perfectly about what Quan-Chi had done prior to his death, and she knows that her mother and father were once revived as revenants. Even if she wants to forgive Kanna, she can't for the simple fact that she is proud of being her father's daughter. Her true enemy is Maika, who is always trying to take everything she has and wants to kill her basically. Lixue wants to help Maika, since those ideas of being princess weren't hers, but she thinks it's a lost cause.


Li has never been someone really interesting to people, but after a while she managed to find who she thinks is the one. Him being Apollo Clark, who she thinks loves her as much as she loves him.


  • Her name means "beautiful snow".
  • While her brother controls fire, she can control lightning. Although she doesn't really use it that much since she doesn't like fights.
  • Jade was the one to train both Kuan and Lixue, since their parents could not be present most of the time.
  • Due to Kung Lao and Liu Kang having the same ancestor, it's possible that Huan is actually her cousin.
  • She likes flowers since they are beautiful yet so fragile.
  • Lixue is one of her creator's characters who was rebooted.
  • According to her brother:
    • Li is about 5,2 ft (160 cm) tall.
    • She prefers cold weathers to hot ones.
    • Her least favourite foods are boiled eggs and eggplant.
    • She is scared of both her grandparents, Shao Kahn and Sindel.
    • She likes to be treated like a princess at all times.
  • She might be the weakest fighter out of all MK offspring.
  • Li doesn't like to fight because she basically fears death.


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