Liazabeth or the Precious Queen..
Hail to your Royal Queen!
Gaming Series of Origins Skullgirl,that's my kingdom..I mean Game..
Gaming Parentage My Precious mother named Eliza.She was so sweet to me..
Age Well my age is really private so dont ask or I will call Horace and Albus to throw you at my Palace..
Alignment A beautiful Villianess.
Roommate Well my lady Valeria...
Victorious Moments Well I like to be a Gamercoming queen,to make my mom proud..Also having a spa with my mother and singing at the Bastet's Den.
Knock Out! Moments My Parasite,Kankala,she was a freak..
Favored School Subject Well.Game History.I like it
Least Favored School Subject P.G just no,The reason is very very private.
Allies Well,Cerise and Valeria.Hmmmm
Nemeses Well I guess Milia and Sammy.
Favorite Food Grapes dipped chocolate and a smell ch

 Liziabeth aka the Precious Queen was the daughter of Eliza from Skullgirls.She has a parasite named Kankala.


Lizia was a spoiled brat,respectful and nice to others.Lizia was obessed fan of Marcy's Father,Piers Nivans

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lizia has Charcoal black pull-up Pony tail with a bluff bangs,a brown skin with blood and a blue eyes.She wore an a top with a gold on top.a white skirt with an golden egyptian belt and a pair of shoes

Kankala has a red eyes and a pink skeleton.



Eliza was her mother.She has an older sister named Nefriti.


She's with Cerise and Valeria.


She doeasnt like Mandy.


She has a pet beetle named Scarab.


She has a crush on someone but Unknown!


  • She was based of Cleo de Nile in Monster High.
  • She is a Himedere!


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