Liziabethwas the daughter of Eliza from Skullgirls .She has a parasite named Nephthys.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Lizia was elegant and also critical to her friend's thoughts on other's, despite of her being a "mean girl", she is very approachable and kind to others, she will hangout with others when her "colleague" is not around.In the Broken Bond, it reveals that she is used to be a loner and a girl who lacks of self-esteem.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lizia has a black medium length hair with blunt fringe, a blue eyes and a dark skin, she wore an Egyptian inspired dress that matches her golden bracelets,earrings and her "crown" as for her shoes, she wear a blue high-heeled shoes with a gold tip that paired with mummy wap like leg warmers.



Eliza was her mother and her role model with her younger sister named Nefertiti. Eliza loved her daughters as how her daughters love her.


She hang out with her "bestfriends" named Evelynn and Ava Graham.


She hated Evelynn in secret due to her awful treatment to others..Also she is responsible for ending her friendship with Jinx as it reveals on her secret writings.


She had a Siamese cat named Anubis.


She had an unnamed boyfriend who wanting her to stop her "friendship" with Evelynn


  • Nephthys' name comes from the Egyptian Goddess of Death
  • Liziabeth has a Secret Writing .


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