Logan Baker
Logan Baker
Gaming Series of Origins Resident evil 7
Gaming Parentage Lucas Baker
Age 14 year old
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Open
Victorious Moments well to get everything i want from my family, and get something the other have not.
Knock Out! Moments Being rejected by people that pissed me off.
Favored School Subject Antagonists 101
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies Everyone at school.
Nemeses Some people who pissed me off
Favorite Food Bloody steak, well i will cannibal in my game


Well he seem very friendly, but have some quiet anger issue, he also have to appear to be distracted sometime, he always want to help if we ask him, but like his father he seem interested by raw meat, he also seem to be scared of little corner .


he also like his father wear a white shirt under a gray vest, but he wear a palet hat and seem, to have coffee skin, he wear black pants and have brown eyes with green shoes on his feet.



Logan is of course the son of a cannibalistic character in Resident evil 7 Lucas Baker, and he's the grand son of Jack Baker and Marguerite Baker, he always like his family and doesn't want anyone to hurt them.


He is friend with everyone who want to be his friends, same if he seem to scared some students, but he understand very all children of the Resident evil game serie, and want to be friend with them.


He seem not to be interested in anyone for the moment, but have to admit Holinda is very cute, but unfortunately they are not from the same game, and he don't think that he should tell her how he feel.

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