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Quotation1.png My name is Logan Mercer and I am the damned son of Alex Mercer.. Quotation2.png
Logan's introduction

Logan Mercer is the son of Alex Mercer, a former Gentek member that became an infected from an open world action-adventure game called Prototype Series. Logan was a right hand man of Gabriela, the leader of the delinquents.



Logan was a quiet and cold one with violent behavior due to Gabriela's influence to him. He won't hesitate to let her down especially his reputation was rely on his gang which makes him one of the feared students because of his sadistic behavior.

But behind his cold demeanor, he used to be shy young man who is afraid of the crowd and that crowd give him the chills because of the people's eyes, he is also kind on his friends back then.


Logan has a toned body, he has fair skin with few scars on his face, a red eyes with dark under eyes and lastly he had a brown curly hair.

He wore a dark grey hoodie that the sleeves are torn, as well as a button up shirt that is also torn as well, his arms are covered in bandages to conceal the shards scars that came from the incident, he wore a blue jeans with light brown leather sheath on the right and light brown thigh bag on the right ans a pair of white sports sneakers .

Logan has a necklace and a nose piercings.


After Alex's break up with Karen, she is accidentally impregnated by him and this resulted her leaving her role as a Researcher in Genotyping,once she gave birth to Logan she began to Postpartum depression which leading him to an orphanage by her own father because he knew she might hurt him in that mind state.

Years passed after the events of Prototype 2, Dana discovered she had a nephew which later she legally got his custody under her care. After her adoption he then began ti ask where his real parents are which Dana is unable answer because of her bitterness of her brother's changes which then leads Logan to research about his own father and then he discover that his father is a former Head of the Black Light project, because of his curiosity he snuck to their home at night to go inside the Gentek building which is now abandoned, once he snuck to the window he got wounded because of the shards and once he dropped himself, he got injured badly leaving him unconscious on the floor, but little did he know a dropped viral samples was releasing the virus which enters his bloodstream that gave him an ability to shape shift his body with deadly weapons but unable to disguise himself as other people.



He was legally under Dana's custody after the events of Prototype 2, she and his auntie bonded like her brother did to her when she was younger however she is very anxious of him being infected because he might be ended up the same fate as his father.


He is not found of having friends because he knew they will just use him and spit him like a tasteless bubblegum but he do befriended Gabriela ironically.


Logan did not like pets at all because of how annoying they are.


He disliked traitors in their gang and one of them is Axel.


Logan used to have a relationship with Nightwolf's daughter, Willow. They broke up because of him joining the delinquents after his incident with some bullies because violence is never an answer to his pain however he just giving her up for his gang resulted their relationship ended.


  • Logan is one of the rebooted characters of TheTemeperance
  • Logan's get up slightly similar to Naib Subedar.