Quotation1 No One ever take him away from me..He is mine and mine alone.. Quotation2
Lollia pledge to herself.

Lolita Catherine Kennedy was the first daughter of Leon Scott Kennedy and Ada Wong.



Lollia was friendly and loving girl, she is fond of socializing her classmates and teachers in school which makes her popular about it, but her friendly looking personnality masked her dark side which is an agresssive and envious psychopath when her crush was with an other girl..


Lollia appears to be a perky and tall teenager, she has Flowing Raven Hair with swept bangs,a pale skin and blue eyes.


Anime/Manga: Lollia was a fan Animes and Manga for 3 years, her very first Anime was Hetalia Power Axis which she is obessed until now.But also she love Love Live, Vocaloid and Madoka.

Weapons: She is secretly obessed with weapons especially katanas, daggers and any forms of blade, she's also expierenced with guns and rifles..


Family Edit

Lollia was the oldest child of Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong...She has 3 cousins, the 2 from Leon's side and 1 from Ada's side..Lollia has also a rebellious younger sister named Ace Kennedy.

Friends Edit

Lollia has only two friends named Marceline Nivans and Cassia Redfield..But mostly she prefers to be alone and daydreaming to her one and only Finn Stryker.

Pet Edit

Lollia has two cats in her dormitry which she had for two years, she called her Persian cats, Finn and Kane..

Enemies Edit

Lollia hates all her rivals especially Abigail Cage.. She also hates Finn's clingy sister, Kami Stryker she describe her as "Magnet Girl"


She had a romantic obession over Finn Stryker , when a girl named Abby Cage, she will feel an extreme jealousy.


  • She is the very first Yandere character in Game High Series.
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