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Lucas Valentini is the son of Stefano Valentini and the twin brother of Lucio Valentini. He is a member of the Drama Club.



Lucas was extremely narcissistic and extremely self conscious to himself and this traits of him affecting his relationships especially to his brother who used to be close to each other. He is also coward the reason he avoid some survival related classes which he constantly failed with. Lucas is flirty to every girls that make them extremely disgusted about it.He used to have a bad self-esteem and have social anxiety back when he was a freshman.


Lucas has a charcoal black wavy hair, an aqua blue eyes and a fair skin. He wore a white button up shirt with folded sleeves that is also had a ochre vest with brown linings and black buttons, a cream pants with folded hem and leather black shoes with a light brown soles. He had a black choker, a golden flower brooch , a golden bracelets and a black watch.



He was born in Florence,Italy along with his twin brother Lucio. His mother is a one of Stefano's model. He was very close to his twin brother when they were younger but when Lucas got influenced by his club they became distant to each other leaving Lucio forgetting he is having a twin brother.


His had few friends from his Drama Club.


He didn't own any pets because of his fear of animal bites.


He was literally disliked by most girls which he didn't notice. But he was traumatize to Barret because he flirted Demi which making him ended up getting boot dropped on the guts by him leaving him injured.


He has crush on Lolita . He also planned to sabotage her relationship with Finn. He used to have a relationship with Sam Fairfield but due to getting his dream as a part of the Drama Club, he began to disgusted her which resulted on Sam's depression that last for months.


  • Lucas is not actually a bad person but was suffered by peer pressure .
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