Quotation1 I prefer to be a low-profile girl than to be in a military or agent life..I want to be a normal one Quotation2
Calliope to Marcy
Calliope Nivans is the daughter of Piers Nivans and Helena Harper and the younger twin sister of Marceline

Nivans ..



Calliope is loving person,especially to her dad which is so very close and same to Jamie that she loves so much.But the annoying part of her is being clingy and a crybaby..


Cally's hair was more longer,she has light brown hair,a dark blue eyes and a pale skin.


Baking- Calliope loved baking with all of her heart..Her first baking expierence when she baked bronies for the bake sale which makes her passionate about baking..

Galaxies- She loved any forms of Celestial Bodies..That's why she always going to the abandoned School Observatory to watch the stars and meteors..


Her Suitors - She has been struggling to her suitors with all of her life especially when she had Jamie already..



Calliope is also the child of Piers and Helena.Calliope has a twin sister named Marcy.She had two cousins who lives in the same house.

Friends Edit

Marcy loves to socialize.

Enemies Edit

Calliope hates people who is Judgemental and Insecure.

Romance Edit

Calliope has confirmed that she love Jamie Heller and she will never let that her love torn apart.way..She had a great love for him even he is an infected one..

Trivia Edit

  • Calliope meaning of 'beautiful voice'.
  • In Yandere Simulator AU! Her persona was Social Butterfly/Coward
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