Quotation1 My brother is gone!I don't know where is he? Quotation2
Lucio showing his disgust on his twin brother.

Lucious Valentini is the son of Stefano Valentini from the Evil Within Series and a twin brother of Lucas Valentini. He is a transfer student from an art school and later becomes a part of the Photography Club.



Unlike Lucas, he is the more calmer and humbler one, Lucio was also serious on every work he did especially photography which was his passion he treasured. Lucio was caring on both family and friends.


He had his father's genes, he had black hair with small streaks of bangs covering his left eye a little bit, a aqua eyes and a fair skin. He wore a purple jacket with red lines on the cuffs, zipper and collar that inserted with a Black and White checkered shirt, a blue denim jeans with brown leather belt and a brown leather shoes. He also had a nose piercing.



He was born Florence,Italy her mother is a model of Stefano. He used to have close relationship with his twin brother but due to his narcissism he began to be distant with him.


He loved the presence of Claude due to his emphatic personality along with Lance who he loved his calm presence.


He disliked Axel's  rebelliousness.


He didn't own any due to his school life he is busy with and unable to have time to take care one


He fell in love Meera and he had several attempts to ask her out but he is always in a wrong time but he won't give up on asking her. The funny thing is they are both clueless they love each other.


  • Lucio is an Italian name that means form of Luke, Light and Illumination.
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