Quotation1 Seriously Evelynn! You really ruin who we are for freak sake! Quotation2
Lucky trying to give her some reality check

Lucky Batheson is the younger brother of Dare from Dance Central series, he is a part of Animation Club who is known to his skilled anime related project.



Lucky was enthusiastic and calm character who enjoys inspiring with his animated works, he is also serious when things gets personal like how he gave Evelynn some reality check which really shows his other side. Lucky can also be chicken-hearted whenever he is in a claustrophobic spaces.


Lucky has pastel blue hair that has various hair clips to fit into the aesthetic of decora kei, an ocean blue eyes and a fair skin with freckles.

He wore white collared shirt with a Pink T-shirt that has a pastel details and some pink & yellow arm warmers, he also wore some orange pants with few patches and a alien bubblegum container hanging on his waist band,he also had a green sneakers and some unmatching socks, the left is pastel blue and purple while the right is pink and yellow.

Lucky has some few accessories which is some pastel band aid on his nose, a pink choker with emerald as a pendant, a beaded pearls and a cat necklace. He also comes with a pink fishnet finger less gloves



He was born in London,England then raised in Tokyo,Japan alongside with his sister. Lucky and Dare are like best friends whenever they are together.


He love being with Dirk due to his wild personality which he also join his pranking shenanigans with him, as for Clover, he really loved how supportive she is but he slightly disliked her superstitious personality .


Axel makes him feel unsafe around school due to his past/


He had Pomeranian named Kouna.


He had no romantic interest yet.


  • He loves the aesthetic of Decora Kei.
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