Luna Twili is the shy, and shameful daughter of Midna and Zant (two characters appearing is the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) who has to live up to her father's villainous deeds. She is embarrassed by her father's actions, and she wishes she didn't have to live up to his legacy.

She is the half older sister of Morgan Ordon.

Luna Twili
Game Parent Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Age 17
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Ruthless Dorth
Character Parent The Twilight Princess (Midna) and Zant
Victory Moments Definatley when things are going right! I also love art and music.
K.O Moments When someone reminds me that I've got to go around turning my people into horrible beats and I have to screw over whoever has to be the next Twilight Princess...or Prince.
Favorite Subject Hyrulian History
Least Favorite Subject Antagonism 101
Quotes "Oh because that isn't messed up..."
Victory Friends Ruthless 'Ruth' Dorth &

Roslind Luma


Luna is incredibly shy, and usualy hides and sign of her ethnic origin. She does not want anything to do with anyone who wants her to continue her legacy, and wishes she would just disappear. She is a very gifted singer, and is a talented artist.

Physical Apperance

Luna is abnormally tall (as are all twilight beings) and slender. She has scarlet eyes, and dark skin with blue ethnic patterns on her arms and legs. She was born with dark purple hair, but has recently dyed it a sandy blonde colour out of spite.

She usually wears a dark coloured dress underneath a red cloak which hides most of her face.



Luna has a tight relationship with her mother, Princess Midna, and her stepfather, Link-the hero chosen by the goddess. She is overprotective of her half brother, Morgan, and has an unconditional brother-sister relationship. On the other hand, she despises her father, and wishes that they weren't related.


Luna is a depressed loner, who doesn't really have many friends. However, she appreciates the company of fellow misfits Ruthless Dorth and Rosalind Luma.


Luna doesn't really have the time to look after a pet.


Luna isn't dating or crushing on anyone.


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