Quotation1 Don't touch Pythia, I don't want to be killed by her boyfriend! Quotation2
Míng trying to stop his "sister" from hurting Pythia.

Míng Jié (明杰) is the descendant of Xie Bi'an (White Guard), one of the two guards who conform the hunter Wu Chang from an asymmetrical game called Identity V.



Míng is a really tall and slim boy with chinese features. He has dyed white long hair with some streaks of his natural black hair and unlike most chinese people, he has white silverish eyes. His skin is ivory color and has a burn mark on the left side of his face.

His outfit resembles Wu Chang's Broken Blossoms skin, in this case with Xie Bi'an's colors. He also carries a black umbrella with him at all times.


Min is a really humble, caring, modest and mostly gentle person. He wants to be as good as he can, help people as much as he is able, etc. There are times he does get mad, but anything has been really extreme in his case. People can describe him as a little ray of sunshine sometimes. He is also a big gentleman to girls which might make him attractive to some girls.

As a hunter, he is really cold and focused on his job. He will not hesitate to attack and put people on rocket chairs if he needs to, but will probably let some survivors scape at times.


In Game

Xie Bi'an was once married to another chinese woman and had a child with her, but misteriously dissappeared and the lady was left behind with a child to take care of. As time passed Xie's descendants started growing the family, and Míng was born. His parents quickly noticed his hair had a white stroke on it and where a little bit confused, but never asked anything. He grew up as a humble boy who wanted to help people and become a police officer or someones body guard. Since he was always so kind to people, some others actually depised him. He was too good to be true, and many people never believed in his caring nature. There was only one person who actually believed in his caring nature, Xiao. He tried supporting her in every moment, either good or bad. Sadly, after a certain incident she disappeared in the Nantai bridge leaving him alone. Once she wasn't in the picture, people started bothering him until the point he couldn't handle it anyore. He decided to go to the Nantai Bridge to meditate, while he was there fog suddenly covered everything and a white figure appeared before him.  Since then, people looked for Míng but what they could only find was a white rose in the bridge.



Míng always cherished and loved his family, both mother and father, since they were everything he had. As well as he cherished his grandparents and other people that were part of his familiar circle. After his sudden disappereance Míng encountered Xie Bi'an, his ancestor, who took him under his wing and became one member of his new family. The two other members were Fan Wujiu and Xiao Chen, the last one becoming something more like his sister than a normal family member since they had already met before. He was really happy to see her again and would never leave her side.


Xiao and him are sworn siblings, since the moment they met a connection was made and nothing will ever break that bond. Apart from Xiao, he gets along with both Tsubasa and Antoinette, who are hunters like him. He does get along with other hunters such as Florencio and Arthur, mostly because they share the same fear of Pythia's lover.




Míng wasn't really interested in romance, although his gentleman nature might attract some people. He eventually realized that his brotherly love to Xiao transformed in actual romantic one. He had lost her once and didn't want to loose her again, keeping quiet about his feelings. Eventually he confessed to Xiao and they became playful lovers, soon to become an actual couple.


  • Míng Jié means "wise and distinguished" in Chinese.
  • He decided to dye his hair white, so that the white hair streak he had when he was born didn't look weird.
  • Most of his habilities as a Hunter are similar to his ancestor's.
  • When he is the hunter, like Arthur and Florencio, he is scared to hit or put Pythia Gilman in a rocket chair for the same reason.
  • No one knows how he disappeared, when asked he will just say: "I saw only fog, rain and then, darkness." 
  • He learned how to play the flute by himself.
  • The fact the left side of his face is burnt is still unknown for most people, only he knows it but it is possible it was due to the people who bothered him.
  • He often scolds Xiao for many things (like bothering both Pythia and Antoinette).
  • People say he smells fresh, like with a minty combined with some citrics type of scent.


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