"We are Macy and Lucy Super Sister!"

Macy and Lucy Super
Gaming Series of Origins Super Mario
Gaming Parentage Macy: Mario

Lucy: Luigi

Age Both 16
Alignment Both Protagonist
Roommate Both Together
Victorious Moments Macy: Dancing with my sister.

Lucy: I agree with you,sister.

Knock Out! Moments Both: Darkness! Even If you don't that.
Favored School Subject Macy: Gamelogy is the best.

Lucy: Me too

Least Favored School Subject Macy: What our least subject?

Lucy: Antagonist 101!!!

Both: Aaaaaah!!!!

Allies Together always be are hero and sister
Nemeses WIP
Favorite Food Spaghetti with Mushroom

Macy and Lucy Super are twin sisters of Mario and Luigi. Macy is Mario and Lucy is Luigi. Because both name end at 'Y'


Just like fathers,Macy is only fearless while Lucy fear.


Both are Italian American,brown haired,pale skinned and blue eyes. Macy is only red while Lucy is only green.


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