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Maika fighting with Lixue

Maika is the daughter of Mileena, a fighter from the game franchrise Mortal Kombat. She was born as Baraka and Mileena's biological daughter.



Maika's appareance is almost the same as Lixue's, they mostly look like twins. To separate her from Lixue, she has short hair, tarkatan amber coloured eyes and of course, her Tarkatan teeth. She also wears more fighter-styled outfits unlike her "twin". Her outfit is similar to one made for Mileena (seen in her sketches from MKX). Maika also wears the same color her mother did to honor her and her belt as well. Her belt has a skull that apparently mimicks Shao Kahn.


Being from almost pure tarkatan blood, Maika is more of a hot-headed and impulsive girl unlike her "cousin" Lixue. She's a really tough girl who likes bothering people for fun, playing pranks or just mocking people about everything. People can also call her childish.

Still, if someone says anything about her she won't hesistate on jumping into action. She will hit, punch or kick anyone who tries to mock her appearance or personality. Maika also gets really angry when someone talks badly about her mother or her race.



After a little affair Mileena had with Baraka when she was Kahn of Outworld, Maika was born. Maika was her mother's adoration once she was born, but due to Kotal rising to power her life was at risk. Mileena was able to escape with her child and decided to leave her in one of Shang Tsung's flesh pits and once the time was right, she would go back to get her. Sadly Mileena died and the little baby stayed in the flesh pits for a really long time, until someone managed to break her "prison". 

The Tarkatans that worshipped Shao Kahn were delighted with the notice of her existence and would do anything to get their "real Kahn" in position. They took care of the hybrid teaching her many different techniques before Baraka came back to life. 



Meeting her mother only at birth, she has faded memories of her which saddens her a lot. Thanks to all of the things some tarkatans have told her about her mother, she feels she has a deeper connection with her and wants to follow her footsteps as well. As for her father, the original version of him was killed by D'Vorah, but she met the other version of him (from MK9 returned to MK11). At first she felt unsure if to tell Baraka about her, but once she told him everything her insecurities went away. Baraka accepted her, for she had his blood and was basically a Tarkatan. Since then she has a nice relationship with her father.


Maika is not someone who has plenty friends, as a matter of fact she isn't liked by most of the MK Offspring. Xian-Chi is one of the few people that accept her, only because the two cause a lot of mayhem together.

Apart from her, she really doesn't have any friends. Not that she needs to, but she would like to.


As much as she "loves" her cousin, she also hates her and Kuan-Yin with all her might. For in her mind, they are staling the throne of outworld from it's actual succesor, her.


She has a crush on Apollo Clark, it all first started because she wanted to bother Lixue and try to get Apollo for her (since she believes she's more beautiful and has a better body than Lixue). Eventually the "prank" turned to reality and she ended up actually liking him. Eventually her likeness to Apollo faded as a new crush on Nyla emerged. The two eventually became a couple.


  • For her to be accepted by Baraka, she had to show her worth in Kombat. He didn't accept her as a lovable father like she normally makes it seem.
  • She actually fears D'Vorah and fears insects.
  • Her weapon of choice are sai's, which coincidentally, are also the weapons Mileena uses.
  • She claims that she has tarkatan blades like her father, but due being a hybrid, she doesn't have them.
  • Maika secretely likes teddy bears, but will never accept it.
  • Even though she never met Sindel nor Shao Kahn, she worships them.
  • In reality, she doesn't exactly hate Lixue. She is actually really jealous of her since she has everything she could never have.
  • She sometimes attacks random Shokans to eat them, her purposes are still unknown.
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