Quotation1.png Telepathy is gift? Trust me! No..... Is it gift to in unintentionally read minds you didn't except to be as disgustingly bizzare... Quotation2.png
Makoto to Isha

Makoto Takahashi (高橋真琴) is the daughter of Kenshi Takahashi, a blind swords man from the fighting game franchise called Mortal Kombat, she is a misleading punk due to her rebellious demeanor which makes her mistaken as Gabriella's gang.



Makoto was a aloof young swords woman who often make dark humor to make people dis comfortable to avoid being attached to them because she knew those people are definitely going to use her,she is also tough and aggressive whenever she is in a fight on someone. However when she is around with someone she is close with she will often shows her soft and caring side of her.


Makoto is a toned young woman with pale skin that is covered with scars and bruises due to heavy training in her temple, a brown eyes and charcoal black hair.

Makoto wore a black leather jacket with white t-shirt underneath, a dark red leggings that reaches her knees and black sneakers.

Makoto has face mask, a yellow band on her forehead, bandages both fore arms and on her left shin and a finger less gloves.


She was born of an unknown town in Japan that became a ghost town after an unknown clan raided it (Possibly Red Dragon), her mother is a Geisha who fell in love with Kenshi. The Geisha died after being shot in the back by a mercenary, then once day an couple found her and raised her as their own. Years passed Makoto unexpectedly reunited with Kenshi (Unknown circumstances might make one soon)



Makoto was very loving to her father, Kenshi despite of her being a bit rebellious to him. Takeda on the other hand are very close to each other.Big brothers are supposed to be over protective to their sisters., but that's not the case of Takeda since he trusted her because of being skilled ninja.


Isha Subedar was her close friend but she disliked her competitiveness which is why sometimes she get in trouble. She is bestfriends with Katon Scorpio she also consider her as her partner in crime.


She disliked Mara for unknown reasons.


She didn't own any pets because she is not interested on taking care of them.


Makoto is single for a moment because she is too buys for her training but before that she do have an ex-girlfriend back then.


  • Makoto is a unisex name from Japan that means "sincerity"(誠) and "truth" (真, 眞).
  • She uses a modified katana which she named Yūdokuna (有毒な) , it was modified to contain various venoms. This weapon is inspired by Shinobu Kocho's sword which her sword which is resemble to a stinger
  • She is also gifted with telepathy like her brother, Takeda.
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