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Mal when she saw a taxidermied rat

Mal Ludwig is the daughter of Dr. Ludwig aka the Medic from Team Fortress 2. Mal was a horror obsessed girl who loves collecting small taxidermy and a human biology expert .



Mal was a bit of a nervous wreck in front of people due to her fear of being mistreated because of her dark obsession, which is why she did not like to develop romantic relationship, she is very loyal to her friends as return of being around her during her breakdowns which eases.


Mal has a fair skin, a brown eyes and a black medium length messy hair that had a teal headband . She wore a beige turtle neck sweater with brown vest, a baggy blue jeans and a pair of brown leather shoes additional accessory with her look was her rectangular glasses.


Mal's parents was divorced due to Ludwig's insanity however she lived with him due to her mother's controlling behavior on her. Her relationship with her father was great unlike her mother who forced her into things that she







She disliked Axel because she gives her unusual presence around due to his attitude.


She had a dove named Hermes.


She did not to involve on romantic relationship due to her lifestyle.


  • Mal's name comes from a Hebrew word that means "Messenger of God"
  • Hermes which is her pet from a Greek deity who served as Messenger of Gods.
  • People disliked how Mal laughs because of how psychotic it is.
  • Mal admits to eat raw herbs.
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