Quotation1 I am just chilling! What's the problem Redfield? Quotation2
Mara to Cassia
The Darker Than Wesker
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil series
Gaming Parentage Excella Gionne and Albert Wesker .
Age 18
Pet(s) I have a black cat , I named him Odin
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate I have no roomate at all!
Victorious Moments I love creepy things like vodoo dolls and haunted dolls and torturing things like Iron miader. I also love science!
Knock Out! Moments I've been always going to detention!
Favored School Subject Science..
Least Favored School Subject I hate P.E.. I am so weak!
Allies I have a friend but not here!
Nemeses Maybe Redfields?
Favorite Food I love Pocky and Mochi Cake!
Favorite Beverage Soda mostly!
 Mara Wesker is the daugther of Albert Wesker and Excella Gionne, She is the Main Antagonist on Game High Series



People describes her as a Psychopath,She is a very known to her cold and sadistc personality, when her victims suffered she smiled which means she loves to see them in agony and Great Pain. she is also a Sociopath, she mostly spents her time alone..


She is more like Gionne's appearance execpt eyes that she is gotten from  her father.


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She is the Oldest daughter of Wesker, she is destinied to follow his path while her twin sister was following her Mothers path.


She has a friend but not in Game High due to her sociopathic personality..


She has a pet named Odin which is a black cat.


She had an Arch-Nemesis named Cassia Redfield, who is also destiend to have her father's path , Chris Redfield. Cassia was the one who kill her at the future.


She had nothing.


  • She is the Info-Chan in Yandere Simulator AU.
  • Mara has a hemophillia and odynephillia, which means she is obessed of blood and pain.
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