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Marceline Skullheart

Game Parent:Skullgirls

Character Parent: Mother Double says I'm the offspring of the previous Skullgirl,Marie.But Aunt Aeon says I'm just a clone.


Alignment:I am to be an antagonist is the near future.I only hope for the best.

Roommate:The Game Glitch,she's very...loud.

Victory Moments:Winning in the Combat Gaming class.Having a living vacuum cleaner helps in many ways.

K.O. Moments:I have...rather spastic tendencies.I'm usually ashamed of raising the dead.

Favorite Subject:Combat Gaming.I'm quite a formidable opponent.

Least Favorite Subject:Advanced Magic Use.Many a student insists that the Skullheart is a key ingredient in their potion recipe.

Victory Friends: Marie Toadstool


Marceline is the far opposite of her friend Marie.The silver haired girl is cool and collected,one would have to be in order not to raise the dead thanks to the power of the Skullheart.She is shown to stay quiet and only speak when she is spoken to.It's shown that she does have her bouts of anger,which tend to be hard to control.During these bouts any undead students or the undead from her world wreak total havoc on the school.Imagine the repair costs....

Physical Description

Marceline is very short for her age,despite her constant floating.She has red eyes with the mark of a Skullgirl,long silver-colored hair,and pale skin.She's actually made out of what little bits was left of Marie,hence her height.Marceline also was created out of the very thing Double's made out of.Despite her intentions,the next Skullgirl is actually the Trinity's failsafe when it comes to destroying the world they created.Marceline also has the Skullheart in her back,which is her key to living.



Marceline is basically a clone of Marie,which could count as her mother.But when it came to raising her,Double and the Trinity took part of that.Aeon is the geeky aunt,Venus is the creepy cousin,Double's the mom,and the Great Mother of the trio is the grandma.The Skullheart could count as a family member as well,but it's impossible,even though it was also created by the Trinity.


Marceline somehow would up being friends with Marie Toadstool.And by wound up,I mean she is not exactly her friend.


She is extremely annoyed at people who are know-it-alls,or those who try to persuade her to give them the Skullheart.


She isn't allow to date yet,since it's up to Double to make that decision.


Her pet is also her weapon,aka,Marie's living vaccuum cleaner.It has no name.



Marceline wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a skull design,white pants,red shoes,and a dark red headband with a skull on it.Her lipstick is dark red and her eyeshadow is red.

Pledge Days


Player's Break




The fact that she's a clone is a referance to the joke character Fukua,who is a palette-swapped clone of Fillia.

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