Marcus Witt is the son of Elliot Witt also known as Mirage from the game Apex Legends he's often referred as the school clown and trickster due to his good humor and how he use holograms to trick others when necessary he's also a bit of a flirt but unlike the the other flirts in the school he doesn't flirt with every girl he cross paths with especially those who already boyfriends or girlfriends for the matter, because of this he earn their respect and is rather popular with them. Marcus is also a part time bartender and a member of the science club.

Physical Appearance

Marcus is a 5ft 11 inches tall buff handsome young man with a groomed beard tan skin black hair brown eyes and seen wearing casual clothes, a bartender outfit or his father's traditional attire.


Marcus is a jovial, sarcastic, charming, intelligent, wisecracking, flirty, brave, tricky, respectful, clever, carefree, athletic, jokey and has a good sense of humor.



Marcus is the son of Elliot Witt/Mirage his mother is unknown but she's also a regular at his dad's bar.






Marcus is single.


Marcus has his own holo devices.

Marcus is kind of a ladies man.


Quotation1 Hah you've been bamboozled! Quotation2
Marcus after a holographic decoy been used.
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