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Marie Toadstool

Game Parent: Super Mario



Roommate:Rosalind Luma

Victory Moments:I just love it when I outwit my nemesis,Bailey!She really does deserve it!Oh and talking about my family!

K.O. Moments:I just hate being ignored,or being told that picking on Bailey isn't right.

Favorite Subject:((Notifiy me of the classes Game High will have))

Least Favorite Subject:Any kind of history,hometown-wise or not.Who wants to sit there and learn about what happened in the past?

Quotes:"Make way for Marie!"

Victory Friends:Rosalind Lima and Marceline Skullheart


Marie,being the daughter of two famous figures in the Mushroom Kingdom,is every bit the image one expects her to be.She is rather proud of her heritage and will talk for hours on end because of one little thing that her family has done.Most of the student body wish she'd just shut up about it,but,hey,let Marie babble.She does hold some unusual resent towards one Bailey Koopa,another hint about their heritage.Marie does have her moments of kindness,which can instantly fade.She is rather snobby about being royal too.Another reason why many of the student body dislikes her.

Physical Appearance

Marie has fair skin,bright blue eyes,and long brown hair with blond tips.She is fairly tall,tall enough to be an average teenaged girl.However is she is injured or hit in anyway,she shrinks,if she uses a Mega Mushroom,she grows.The same could be said about Mini Mushrooms,Fire Flowers,or power-ups of any kind.She is usually seen in red and white clothing with pink shoes.



Marie is the daughter of Mario and Princess Peach,she currently lives at her mother's castle in the Mushroom Kingdom.She was raised by Peach and multiple Toads whenever Marie's mother was kidnapped.It's unknown if Marie has a relationship with her father.Her aunt and uncle are Daisy and Lugi with their daughter Loretta.


The only friends that Marie currently has is that of Marceline Skull heart,"daughter" of Marie from the game Skullgirls,and destined to be the next Skullgirl.However,Marceline doesn't approve of Marie's behavior.She is also friends with Rosalind Lima,the daughter of Rosalina,the two are roommates and and could be considered the school's popular girls.


Marie holds a grudge against Bailey Koopa due to the lifestyle their parents have.The princess constantly embarrasses the Koopa girl with every chance she gets.Marie is also rivals with Sophie the Hedgehog,which hints at the Nintendo/ Sega rivalry.



Marie is usually seen wearing a white dress with poofy red sleeves and red trimming.She accompanies this with a red belt,a red bracelet, a golden crown with a ruby red gem,and pink shoes.She also wears pink high heels.Her choice of make-up is red lipstick and light pink eye shadow.


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