Mark is an 5ft 8 anthropomorphic red fox with his father's green eyes and fur color and a white crew cut, he also wears a jacket and other clothes such similar his dad he also has a eyepiece over his right eye.


Mark is commanding, strict, vigorous, loyal, cocky sometimes, protective, fast, brotherly, and is rather pure of heart.

Interests & Hobbies

Mark always had an interest in piloting for his father had told him that he always had the skill and talent for it like his brother despite his cockiness.



Mark is the son of Fox McCloud and Krystal he's also the older brother of Marcus Mcloud and he has a healthy relationship with them all.


Mark is single




Mark is really fast for his age.

Mark has his father's blaster and his reflector.

Mark has his own Arwing.


Quotation1.png Piloting isn't hard once you get use to it just ask my dad and he'll tell you what he knows. Quotation2.png
Mark's personal quote
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