Gaming Series of Origins Detroit Become Human
Gaming Parentage Markus and North
Age He's an android but look like 15 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Collin
Victorious Moments Be sucessful in revolution like my dad
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by police
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Umm well hard to say but some class are hard.
Allies All students
Nemeses Well maybe some child of FBI cops in my game
Favorite Food Well its blue blood count


Like his dad he's very friendly and sincere, but he also have some antagonistic swide and rebel in his vein, he always have some problems with some human , but he also want to help when some people gave him the chance to prove himself, all he want h=its also be heroic like his dad before same if he is an android he do feel some emotion inside him.


He has tan skin and have one one eye who is blue and one eye that's green, with a blue cap on his head and red short sleeves buttoned shirt with orange border and purple pants the only difference of his father its he had a faucet in the chin and like hi father he's a bit muscular.



He's the son of Markus and North same if everyone think androids cannot have children well it was proved that they can since they act like human, but some still think its impossible that he was just created by demand of Markus and North wich might be true but actually he was conceive by the both of them.


He can considere Collin the son of Connor as his friend because he always thought him how to follow his own heart, same if he know Collin will be half antagonist in his game, same if they devloped friendships they might be some cold shoulder between them sometime but like they say they still friends.


Well like he know some FBI agent kids from his game will be enemy with him since some of their parents was not vey kind with androids, since they will try to stop the revolution without listening to them, wich Markis will also not the fact that they threat them with disrespect and will try to maybe find a way so they can leve him alone.


Well like everyone know androids are not suppose to feel anything wich its wrong because his father did feel love , but Markis doesn't date anyone yet because he didn't find the girl that he want to spent the rest of his life, but he doesn't know if he will find her because some girls seem resentful to date him, but he doesn't lose hope he will might find the right one.

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