Mason Hunt is the son of Bulletstorm's Grayson Hunt the Space Pirate and former leader of Dead Echo he is also the first Bulletstorm character to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Mason is a very tall handsome and very muscular young man with caucasian skin mutton chop sideburns black hair with black eyes and wore casual clothes with a basic pattern or military based attire including boots or just normal tennis shoes.


Mason is seen as a tough, loyal, commanding, blunt, gruff, short tempered, brave, respectful, serious, intimidating, athletic, militaristic, fearless, dangerous, protective, and a loner with a strong sense of honor.



Mason is the son of Grayson Hunt from the game Bulletstorm his mother is unknown but they have good relationship with him.


Despite being a loner he made friends with Flynn Rodriguez, Jack Shepard, and Kev Highwind.


Enemies depends on who pisses him off the most or get on his end of his temper.


Mason is single.


Mason is the first Bulletstorm student to attend Game High.

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