Quotation1 Why does it have to be me? Quotation2
Matthew questioning Zak during a investigation when he sends him to make contact with some spirits by himself

Matthew Schmidt is the son of Mike Schmidt or Michael Afton the protagonist and night guard from the Five Nights at Freddy's series he is a Paranormal investigator a member of the Silent Hill Paranormal investigators plus the seventh Five Nights at Freddy's character to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Matthew is an unusually tall lean young man with short brown hair caucasian skin small blue eyes long limbs large flat feet long thin fingers sloping shoulder and is seen wearing a blue security night guard uniform with trainers or casual clothes.


Matthew is seen as a vigilant, kind, cautious, paranoid, task focused, respectful, strong, patient, mature, clever, honest, regretful, knowledgeable, caring, protective, pessimistic, truthful, sarcastic, responsible, brave, opportunistic, brotherly, sympathetic, handy, athletic, compassionate, and supportive.



Prior to the events of Sister's Location and FNAF 1 Michael rescued a girl around the same age as him from a rogue animatronic in the pizzeria a few months after his brother's untimely demise from that moment the two immediately fell in love and had been together ever since through the years and soon married. Sometime later his wife was pregnant with Matthew when this reach Michael ears he vowed to protect him and be a better father he just hope his son won't go down the same path he went in his youth and when his son was born he kept true to his word.


Matthew is friends with fellow paranormal Investigators Zak Grady, Shane Hampton, Howard Townshend, and Robbie Pendleton , John Reid he's also a friend of Game High's vigilante Max Pearce.




Matthew is Single.


Matthew has Marfan Syndrome hence his unusually tall height and long limbs and everything.

Matthew is the first Five Nights at Freddy's student by the creator.

Matthew is the tenth tallest in Game High.

Matthew is the fifth member of Zak Grady's team of paranormal investigators.

Matthew is a fan of Stranger Things and the books Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter, Be More Chill, and Night at the Museum and so far only his roommate and fellow paranormal investigators plus family knows this.


Quotation1 You guys are war veterans right? Thank you for your service Quotation2
Matthew to Josh Morrison, Glenn, and Max Pearce
Quotation1 Doctor Reid I need your help with something Quotation2
Matthew to John Reid
Quotation1 Gigantism and Marfan Syndrome are two different things even an intern for a hospital or Medical center knows that Quotation2
Matthew when questioned about his Marfan Syndrome
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