Quotation1 What happened between you and my dad is in the past, so can you just move the hell on! Or would you prefer that I tell everyone here the faculty members included how you attempted to murder T-Bone by gassing him to death ratboy? Quotation2
Max during Hacking Studies with JB Markowicz

Max is the son of Aiden Pearce the protagonist of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, he's a hacker, modern day explorer, and Game High's local vigilante plus athlete and he's the first Watch Dogs student in Game High.

Physical Appearance

Max is an Irish young man with green eyes, brown mid-length hair, and light facial hair. He also stands at 6ft 9 inches while also sporting a mesomorphic build. Max also wears a un-tucked grey long sleeved zip- neck sweater underneath a modern brown, knee length trench coat with dark grey trousers and brown boots. He also wears a dark brown cap with a fox logo, he even keeps a neck warmer scarf tucked into the neck of his sweater.


Max is a protective person who wants to keep his friends and the people he cares about safe from corruption in the world. He is also very protective of his cousin and his own siblings, and he would do anything to keep them safe. Max is also compassionate, vigilant, caring, brotherly, athletic, clear minded, and someone who could work through problems systematically. He's also calm when under pressure, skilled, and light hearted. However he could turn up cold-hearted, uncaring, and merciless if any harm befalls his friends and family.



Born to Aiden Pearce and a ex DedSec member turned actress, Max grew up in St Louis Missouri alongside his two siblings, there he was taught special hacking and vigilante work by his dad at the age of 12, although worried that he might turn up like Damien or Defalt, Aiden knew it won't actually happen and Max vowed to only follow in his father's footsteps no one else's plus both his siblings really looked up to him, similar to how Nicole looked up to Aiden.






Max is single.


Max is the first Watch Dogs student at Game High by TallTalesfan20.

Max is skilled in parkour.

Max's accent would often shift into Irish sometimes.

Max served three terms in the U.S Special Forces.

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