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Meera during her stress breakdown

Kimberly Cage or preferably called as Meera is the niece of Johnny Cage and a cousin of Cassie Cage. She is once a child star who gave up her acting career to be come a director.



Meera was descibed as serious and reserved due to her attitude on set. There is also time that she snaps due to constant stress in her works but deep inside she desperately need help by others not just her relatives. She is also kind to her supporters by giving them some offer that would help her in movie making.


Meera has a fair skinny body, an emerald green eyes and a Green and Yellow two toned chin length hair. She wore a demin jacket with purple shirt with a saying " Not My 500 dollar glasses" and glasses, a black yoga pants and a purple sneakers. She also had a choker and a piercing in between her lip,



Meera was raised in California, her family was chaotic due to her parents being manipulative and forceful towards her. Because of this her parents lost parental rights due to their abusive treatment and Johnny become a legal guardian of Meera. Despite


Miranda Briggs was her childhood friend they both made a chaos inside Special Force base. She also appreciate Jiao's support on her movies. She also loves Demi's Presence due to her outgoing spirit which sometimes motivates her to rest.


She had a rottweiler dog which is also her therapy dog named Subby.


She disliked Evelyn due to how she got mistreated by her when she refused to join her sisterhood


She had a crush on Lucio Valentini which is also her producer on her film making.


  • Her shirt refferenced on Johnny's Running Gag of his 500 dollar glasses.
  • Her was being mocked for being a Subway hair due to its color theme
  • Her dog's name is refference to Sub-Zero.
  • Meera likes anime and doesn't want to admit it.Only Miranda knew about it.
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