Physical Appearance Edit

Mike has more of his father's genetics like short black greyish hair caucasian skin light green eyes with a muscular build a cleft chin five o'clock shadow square face and is 6ft2inches tall despite being dwafed by his roomate Manny who is almost giant compared to him.

Personality Edit

Mike is extremely cunning, thoughtful, short tempered, calculated, sarcastic, defensive, caring, rational, regretful respectful, responsible, and sociopathic at times.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mike is the second son of Michael De Santa and Amanda De Santa the brother to Jimmy and Tracy De Santa, however unlike his siblings Mike seems to be the more responsible and active one unlike his lazy brother Jimmy for his parents had caught him working out in one of the gyms back home and working as a mechanic for a few years before moving on to being a junior coach for a High school much to his father's chagrin.

Friends Edit

Mike is friends with his roommate Manny despite how much he would tease him about his height, he's also friends with Travis Philips and some named Rick.

Romance Edit

Mike is single.

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Quotes Edit

Quotation1 I'm not short you're just freakishly tall Quotation2
Mike to Manny
Quotation1 Just because we're destined to take on our parents roles Travis doesn't mean I'll be treating you like how my father treated yours Quotation2
Mike on his and Travis's friendship
Quotation1 For a Big Guy you sure do know how to be funny Quotation2
Mike on Manny's humor
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