Quotation1.png I am not pressuring myself, I am just doing my job without a mistake because I don't anyone's downfall Quotation2.png
Miranda denying of being self-pressured

 Miranda Briggs is the niece of Jax Briggs and the cousin of Jacqui. She is one of the Writers in the Journalism Club.



Miranda was very hardworking and has a great leadership energy however she took it too far by pressuring herself on that subject. She is a also a mature person.


Miranda has a dark skin,an almond eyes and a black dreadlocks that tied into a ponytail, she wore a green polo shirt with Orchre vest with red hems that also had a Jounalism Club pin along with a neon green elbow warmers, she also wears a denim high waisted shorts with leggings underneath and a sky blue sneakers with checkered details. Miranda also wears a blue watch.



Her parents are both journalist of a known company however they died on a car accident when she was 4 years old making live with his uncle Jax. She loved her currently but she still unable get over her parent's death.


She was very close Meera due to them having the same pain of loosing parents, they are like sisters once they are together but her business distance them both.


She had no pets due to her busy lifestyle


It is depend on how she faced that particular person because she has no time dealing with them at all


Romantic Relationships is not in her bucket list and also her uncle is disliked of the idea of having relationship. However she began slightly develop some feelings on Claude because of gentleman he is on her.


  • Miranda has a bit resemblance to Rochelle from Left 4 Dead.
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