Misaca Strife
Game Parent Final Fantasy 
Age 17
Alignment Deuteragonist
Roommate TBD
Character Parent Tifia Lockheart & Cloud Strife
Victory Moments N/A
K.O Moments I can get so lost in my... er... fantasies that I forget the matters at hand...
Favorite Subject Animation Studies
Least Favorite Subject Protagonist 101 
Quotes "Can't wish all my hopes away on a broken locket..."
Victory Friends TBD

Misaca Strife is the daughter of Tifia Lockheart & Cloud Strife from the well known "Final Fantasy" Series. She hopes by going to this school, she can learn a bit or two on what it takes to be a game hero, thought in reality she's a Deuteragonist, then second most important character, but what she really want's is to be a protagonist.


Misaca is an obsessive over-achiever who will do anything to reach her goals. She can be rather clingy at times and a bit of a pushover, but in reality 'who isn't?'. She is loyal to the end and a bit of a cutie-pie, she is also kind and helpful, but can be a bit clumsy. She has a thing for "Online Games" which gets her in trouble, and mind you, they're not the good type. She is quite innocent and if put in a tough situation on the spot, she would probably end up having a phycotic fit.

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