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Gaming Series of Origins Portal
Gaming Parentage Chell
Age 16
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Unkown
Victorious Moments I like to believe every day is a victory!
Knock Out! Moments When things don't work out as planned, but I always try again!
Favored School Subject Physics and P.E, but I like all classes!
Least Favored School Subject If I had to choose one, it'd have to be history, I just can't seem to focus!
Allies Francesca, TED, Ray
Nemeses No one, though Victoria Johnson sometimes has it out for me.
Favorite Food Cheesecake!

Mitchell is the son of Chell from the Portal series. 



While his mother is famous for not saying anything, Mitchell never shuts up. He loves to socialize and hang out with his best friends, or anyone really. He is kind to everybody, and very energetic. It seems he always has to be doing something. 

Mitchell is a bit of a daredevil. He loves to do crazy stunts and take risks. However, the true reason for this is he tries to get attention, and has a need to please others.

One thing Mitchell has trouble doing is listening. Not just in his classes, but essentially everywhere. He can be bothersome to others, and when he's asked to stop, he has difficulty doing it, though he doesn't realize what he's doing.


Mitchell loves hanging out with friends. He thrives on social activity, and loves to go to social gatherings.

Mitchell enjoys doing wild and crazy things, especially stunts and dares. The possibility of danger rarely crosses his mind in these processes.



Mitchell loves his mom, and she's very protective of him, and yet somehow distant. Mitchell's need for affection may be because of his estranged relationship with his mother.

Mitchell has no idea who his father is, as his mother will not tell him.


One of Mitchell's best pals is TED, another Portal member. They hang out quite a bit. 

Another one of Mitchell's good friends is Ray. He's very similar to Mitchell, and they often do dangerous things together.


Mitchell has a dog, Rowdy, who's just as crazy as his owner.