Monia Mary Treasure
Character Profile
Game Wario Land Series
Age 17
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate vacant
Character Parent Mona
Victory Moments Found diamond in my locker and have friends is my very best moment of my days.
K.O Moments Lost everythings i need for my school year is the worse.
Favourite Subject Math and Physical Education
Least Favourite Subject Technology class.
Quote I am beautiful today
Victory Friends Everyone want to be my friend, i am so sweet with everyone in the school.

Sir, i need help for my work"

Monia Mary Treasure is the daughter of Mona in Wario Land.


She's a nice girl and friendly, she also curious like her mother she dream to find some treasure, She's also lost a little bit of temper.

Physical DescriptionsEdit

She have ginger orange hairs, she wore a pink shirt and pants with belt and have pink heels on her feets.



She's the only daughter of Mona, she's exactly look like her mother .


She's friends with everyone in school, everyone like her because she's really nice to people.


A little pink bird called Jewel.


She had a crush on Warius Bros.


Honey T. Syrup is her rival, because she force Warius to be evil, when she know he don't want to.




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