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A final word before hacking completely her target

Morgan Augusta Nox is the daughter of Alexander Nox, also known as Caustic from Apex Legends. Morgan was an inventor and a professional hacker under the code name of H4Z4RD.



Morgan was a cunning and a goofy girl who likes to prank anyone in school, but as H4ZARD, she can be menacing and cold towards to someone who talks to her under her code name.


Morgan inherited Alexander's genetics on her, she has a chocolate brown hair with neon green hair, an ocean blue eyes and a fair skin.

She wore a neon pink hoodie with black line on the chest area, a neon red shirt with a caution sign as a logo and a black hemline, a denim shorts with a stripped belt and belt chains and lastly she had her combat boots and a some fishnets.

Morgan has some few accessories on her, she had a hooped earrings and some fingerless gloves.


Morgan didn't remember where she was born, as she remembered her mother died under fire during the burning of the Humbert Labs while her father, Alexander was missing and presumably. After her mother's death and her father's disappearance, she was left temporarily in an orphanage only retrieved from her grandparents who took care of her.





She and Heather are best friends since freshman they are like sisters when they bond each other, she is also supported her relationship with Makoto. She is also very close as well protective with Fiona.




She disliked Evelynn and her gang for mocking her as a payback they hacked their computers to contact with them with threatening message. She also disliked Lucas for making fun of her choice of style.


She had no love interest yet.


  • Morgan's name was from a Welsh Origin that means "sea-born, sea-song and sea-circle"
  • Morgan wanted to do some game live streams but she is too passionate on her hobby on hacking.
  • She is obsessed of neon colors because how it illuminates in the dark.
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