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Najma's usual quote after winning fights.

Najma is the second child of Outworld's former emperor and leader of the Osh-Tekk's, Kotal Kahn, and the Edenian assassin Jade. Both from the fighting game, Mortal Kombat. She's Kinich's younger sister.



Najma is a beautiful young woman with tanned skin, brown eyes and black straight short hair. She has a toned body due to her constantly excercising. Her outfit resembles her mother's attire. It consists in a terracotta red dress with gold accents wrapped in the waist area by a brown leather belt. On top, she has a jade armour that covers her chest area as well as some gold bracelets on the top of her arms. She wears matching boots with jade soles. Her make up consists on an aqua eye shadow with a gold eyeliner. She also has some tattoos on her arms and piercings.


Najma is a really confident and sarcastic person. She knows she's pretty and likes to take advantage of it sometimes, but decided not to do it often. She also knows shes good in kombat and will brag about it sometimes. Still, she knows how to be humble and accepting when the time is right. She is the type of person who will stand up for those who can't and will make their voices be heard againts injustice. She won't tolerate any type of discrimination or mockery againts her or the people she cares about. Najma is also the type of girl who can easily get into fights if a situation involves her family, but be cold minded at the same time.


In Game




Najma has really strong bonds with her family, for they were the ones that kept her going for such a long time. Her mother is her most direct connection with her Edenian heritage, which makes her proud of it. She might've not been as expected as Kinich inside the Osh-Tekk, but her father loved her as much as he did Kinich. This also helps her relationship with her brother being so strong, since they've never fought over anything. On the other hand, her "cousin" Lixue and her are really close to the point were they spent most of their childhood together. She also likes her aunt Kitana a lot, and wants to be like her when she grows up.








  • Najma is an arab name that means "star". This was chosen like a little reference to her Osh-Tekk heritage, since they take their powers from the sun. 
  • She was born before the events of Mortal Kombat 9 after Kinich.
  • Najma resembles her mother more, but uses tattoos to look kinda like an Osh-Tekk.
  • Her and Kinich are the only two alive Osh-Tekk left. Although, they're not pure ones.
  • Her father used to call her "his little star".
  • Like her mother, Najma's weapon is a staff. She also has her mother's jade boomerangs.
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