Is the ninth episode fanfiction by Solonor1987


Maddie Schimdt

Shevion Alomar

Cassia Redfield

Frankie Clinton

Kankri Kennedy


Bunnito Rabbit

Ruby Cooper

Calliope Nivans

Marceline Nivans

Jonas Stone

Shevia Alomar

Shinna Alomar

Jamie Heller


Shevion arrived at the school happy, and was very happy to see everyone he knows about the year who pass, he was finally return to his school,. When he was walking he see someone else be on the side of the school, and reconized the girl who was walking.

Shevion: Hey Waluigen.

Waluigen : Shevion.

Shevion : I wanted to wish an happy new year.

Waluigen : Thanks happy new yar to you too.

Maddie : Hi guys.

Waluigen : Hi Maddie.

Shevion : Hi

Cassia : Happy new yearguys.

All: thanks.

Maddie How was you're vacation.

Shevion : Well it was fantastic.

Shevia : Sure it was.

. Shinna : Yeah christmas was good togheters has family.

Bunnito : That what i was thinking too.

Ruby : Well i was missing you guys.

Cassia : Me too

Shinna : Well vacation is not bad when we are with our family.

Jonas : Well my father give me gifts who pleased me.

Shevia : Yeah like new video games or something.

Jonas : Yeah.

Shevion : But did someone missed me during christmas vacation.

Waluigen: Me you missed me a little bit.

Shevion was happy to see Waluigen has missing him, but they are all walking they stop after see Jamie Calliope Marcy Kankri and one boy they never seen before.

Shevion : Hey guys.

Calliope : Hi.

Marcy : Hi guys

Jamie: Well look who's back.

Jonas : Happy to see you too

Kankri : Happy new year guys.

Maddie: Thanks, but who is this guys beside you.

Jamie : He's new here.

Marcy : He's a friend of Tavros and Katie Bellic also friend with Jeremiah.

Calliope : I Think we should let him introduce himself, go ahead i think they go to like you.

Frankie : Well hi, my name is Frankie Clinton, i am the son of franklin Clinton and just like it was tell i am the friend of TavrosJeremiah and Katie, and i am new here so i hope to you more.

Shevia : Oh my game, i heard about you're father, it was consired like the most wanted thug in game history.

Frankie: Well if you se it like that.

Bunnito : So what, a good game is a good game right..

Ruby : so true his father was maybe a thug, but he have good reputation too.

Frankie : Yeah, is true he was the best.

Kankri : Dude you know you will be the best character like you're father.

Frankie : I know.

Marcy : We Frankie welcome to Game High.

End of the episode.

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