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Nick is tall like his father (think 5ft 10 inches) with long pointy ears a lean muscular yet athletic build short rough yellow green hair a goatee of the same color cerulean blue eyes he also wears goggles on his head a bandanna around his neck a blue tunic with a basic pattern white trousers combat boots and a metal plate on his left shoulder.

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Family Edit

Nick is the son of Jak Mar and Keira Hagai from the Jak & Daxter series and he likes to spend some quality time with them and he really loves them.

Friends Edit

Nick has made a lot of friends in the past but he spends most of the time at school hanging with Patrick Drake son of Nathan Drake and Trent Macgrath son of Cole Macgrath.

Romance Edit

Nick is Single.

Trivia Edit

Nick inherited his father's eco powers and abilities along with his vehicular skills plus his athletic and acrobatic prowess.

Nick has his mother's talent as an mechanic and a inventor.

Nick will grow in height and body mass as he continues his education.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 Not bad for an eco freak huh! Quotation2
Nick after winning a race
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