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Quotation1.png My brother is a pure love sick psychopath Quotation2.png
Nick to Apollo

Nikolai Augustino Victoriano is the grandson of the Reuben Victoriano, the antagonist of the first installment of the Evil Within Series.



Nick was apparently the most calm delinquent in Gabriela's gang, but despite of him being the calm down, he is a silent killer whenever he did his job, he is also emotionless whenever he is around with his family because of how they see him as a black sheep because he is not like Augustus, the perfect one in their eyes.

Her family's pressure resulted him to be a reserved person however he will open up if someone is really close to him.


Nick was more calmer and gentler version of Augustus, he had a white curly hair that is dyed on the tips with lighter red, a fair skin and a light blue eyes. Nick has also thick eye liner.

Nick wore a dark red t-shirt that has sky blue bottom sleeves and a logo that says Ghost, he wore a baggy black pants and a red sneakers.

Nick has also a sleeve less turtle neck fishnet shirt underneath his shirt, another black shirt underneath his shirt once again,, he also had a bandages around his fist and lastly an earring on his left ear.



Nick is the youngest child of The new generation of the Victoriano Family, however unlike his older brother they didn't love him because he is not like his older brother who had an intelligence and charm which he didn't have because he is more on the creative side, this leads to Nick's began to lost on his path of life.


Nick was friends to all of Gabriela's gang even the former ones which Axel which apparently one of his closest because of their stronger bond as a brothers back then.


He didn't like the idea of having pets because of how bothersome and time wasting to taking care of them according to him.


Nick was once being mistreated by Evelynn because of an outcast he is when he was freshman but she do get her taste of her own medicine when he dissed her suffering under her sibling's hand.


According to him, Romance is a distraction than inspiration because of how he saw Augustus being obsessed with Pythia resulting his dislike of developing romantic relationships .Ironically he tried blind dating for a change but somewhat the girl seems having a breakdown during their dating.


  • Nick's appearance is based on the grunge aesthetic.
  • Nick was a smoker however he had a control on his habits.